To launch our new website and blog, we thought we would publish a collection of  some of our clients’ favourite tweets. We hope those tweets give you something to think about and inspire you to take your fundraising or marketing efforts to the next level. Contact Robin C Johnston if you would like to discuss the opportunities.


Aug-05-2014: “Everyone talks about raising money, but no one talks about how to get volunteers to do it. Board engagement is fundraising’s missing link.”

Aug-08-2014: “When board members’ terms are up, how do you let the bad ones go? Do you “bless & release” or “plaque & whack” them?”

Aug-11-2014: “Board member onboarding is the most important factor in setting and maintaining board culture. What are you doing to build your dream board?”

Aug-12-2014: “Are your board members following their passions? If not, they won’t make the effort it takes to realize real success for your organization.”

Aug-13-2014: “Put your weakest board members on your nominating committee and you start a vicious cycle. Put the best ones on it to create a virtuous one.”

Aug-14-2014: “What happens when you find alignment between solicitors’ passions, an organization’s needs, and donors’ interests is nothing short of magic!”

Aug-15-2014: “The expectations we have for our children set the boundaries within which they can learn, grow, succeed. The same is true for board members.”

Aug-16-2014: “To keep good board members but release bad ones, set terms not term limits. When terms expire, evaluate performance and renew only the best.”

Aug-18-2014: “There is no “right size” for a board. Some work with five members, some are better with 45. What matters most is how members are engaged.”

Aug-19-2014: “Volunteers need to know what they can do to help. A job description is a good start. Fundraising Judo goes beyond that. It’s a career plan!”

Aug-20-2014: “A thank-you card and a solicitation letter are practically the same. The difference is tense. If you can say “thank you”, then you can ask!”

Aug-24-2014: “Are your board members thinking about your mission right now? Recruit for alignment so that in pursuing their goals they also achieve yours.”

Aug-26-2014: “Know one of the fastest ways to lose your best board members? Start meetings late, and run over time. Great boards respect volunteers’ time.”

Aug-28-2014: “Social time is critical for high-performing boards. Plan a holiday get-together, and also be sure and set time aside at your annual retreat.”

Sep-07-2014: “When recruiting board members always think WIIFM: What’s In It For Me (the volunteer). The reality is, it’s not all about your organization.”

Sep-08-2014: “If your board members are “good people” who won’t do what’s needed for your organization, fire them and move on. They’re not the right ones.”

Sep-10-2014: “Treat supporters like members rather than donors. Donors are peripherally-involved outsiders. Members are insiders invested in your success.”

Sep-12-2014: “Succession planning is crucial for board stability. It is also key to recruiting strong volunteers afraid of ‘Surprise! You’re board chair!'”

Sep-13-2014: “Address fundraising during the recruiting process. If that scares off some prospects, that’s a good thing. They wouldn’t be right for you.”

Sep-15-2014: “There are as many Millennials as there were Baby Boomers. Their loyalty takes time to earn. The time to get them on your board is right now!”

Sep-16-2014: “Fundraising Judo is about intrinsic motivation. Tap the passions of your board members, and you will be stunned by how much they can raise!”

Sep-19-2014: “Businesses give from two pockets: a philanthropic one, and a sponsorship one. Guess which one is deeper? Conduct fundraising accordingly.”

Sep-22-2014: “Everyone can help with fundraising. Can’t make a personal ask? Send a letter. Don’t know who would give? Invite contacts to come on a tour.”

Sep-23-2014: “To get the fundraising board you’ve dreamed of, be clear about the behaviors you need them to adopt. “Raise Money” simply isn’t enough.”

Sep-25-2014: “Fundraising Judo institutionalizes the fundraising process. It takes what good volunteers do, and uses that as a guide for others to follow.”

Sep-29-2014: “Research has found six volunteer motivations: values, understanding, social, career, protective, and enhancement. Why does your board stay?”

Sep-30-2014: “More than 80% of all funds donated come from people, not corporations or foundations. Spend your time and effort with prospects that matter!”

Oct-01-2014: “”They may not volunteer if they knew they had to fundraise,” you argue. “They won’t help if they don’t know they must,” I reply. You decide.”

Oct-06-2014: “Put volunteers between you and potential problems. If you ask and get “No,” there’s little recourse. If a volunteer gets “No,” send another.”

Oct-09-2014: “A governing board has three responsibilities: set policy, develop a strategic plan, and hire/fire the CEO. Beyond that they’re overstepping!”

Oct-09-2014: “If your board is focused on fundraising, bigger is better. But if their responsibility is mostly administrative, just keep it lean and mean.”

Oct-13-2014: “Some married-couples-to-be spend more time planning their wedding than their marriage. How much do you prepare for your board relationship?”

Oct-16-2014: “Recruit board members for staggered 3-year terms. You won’t lose all the good ones at once, and there is a natural end for poor performers.”

Oct-20-2014: “All nonprofits have needs. If they don’t intersect with solicitors’ passions and donors’ interests, however, they may be doomed.”

Oct-22-2014: “Research shows that people volunteer for multiple egoistic and altruistic reasons. Uncover your board members reasons, and meet their needs.”

Oct-23-2014: “Balance matters. If yours is a fundraising board, make sure it is well balanced to represent all of the constituencies that it must solicit.”

Oct-27-2014: “Events are the big end of the funnel for your development cycle, but not your best fundraising tool. Don’t get stuck on the event treadmill.”

Oct-28-2014: “Keep a volunteer between you and a potential problem. If a donor tells you “no”, it may be over. But you can always send a second volunteer.”

Oct-29-2014: “Grant funding is offered to accomplish something grantors want, not what you want. Understand that and you’ll win more than your fair share.”

Oct-30-2014: “Don’t set a minimum gift for board members. Instead, say, ‘We expect that you would include us among your top 3 giving interests each year.'”

Nov-03-2014: “When you recruit board members, be clear with them that they’ll have to ask for money. If you don’t, you’ll end up with non-performers.”

Nov-04-2014: “A key factor in determining if you get a second gift is how you thank them for the first one. Thank them quickly, memorably, and sincerely.”

Nov-06-2014: “Building a high performing board? Don’t forget social time. Board members will work together much more cohesively if they know one another.”

Nov-10-2014: “Bedrock principles hold true. Good moves management follows the prospect and donor ‘I-Cycle’: Identify, Inform, Involve, Invest and Iterate.”

Nov-17-2014: “To amplify the effectiveness of your development operation, go beyond being a raiser of funds and become a leader and manager of volunteers.”

Nov-18-2014: “It’s impossible to solicit everyone, every year. Your best shot at reaching 100% donor participation is by using a recurring giving program.”

Nov-21-2014: “What are you doing to connect with donors in the last few weeks of the year? Don’t over-think it. Don’t make it too complicated. Just ASK!”

Nov-24-2014: “Good fundraising borrows heavily from sales strategy. We focus on buyers’ Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. Do this with donors also.”

Nov-26-2014: “How do you thank your donors? Letter? Phone? Visit? Other? Take time to ensure that you are thanking them appropriately, and consistently.”

Dec-01-2014: “The expectations you establish for new board members set the tone for the entire relationship. It’s hard to change board culture midstream.”

Dec-02-2014: “Happy Giving Tuesday! I hope your agency benefits. Good fundraising does not rely on gimmicky promotion, however. It takes sustained effort.”

Dec-05-2015: “Grantors don’t give to help you reach your goals. They give because they believe you can help reach theirs. Get this right, and raise a lot!”

Dec-11-2014: “California nonprofits should be aware that, as of Jan-01-2015, it is illegal to have non-voting board directors. Every director has a vote!”

Dec-12-2014: “”Ex officio” is commonly mistaken for “non-voting”. It means “by virtue of one’s office”, and refers board seats held for certain key roles.”

Dec-12-2014: “Most school kids are non-white, and “85% of advisory and 59% of governing boards are white.” How’s your diversity?”

Dec-15-2014: “Tell board members, ‘We hope that you consider your board service important enough to consider us among your top 3 philanthropic interests.'”

Dec-16-2014: “Do you assign mentors to new board members? This can help shore up weaknesses you identify during your board member recruiting interviews.”

Dec-18-2014: “Victor Kiam liked Remington shavers so much, he bought the company. For your board to be effective fundraisers, they must be donors first.”

Dec-22-2014: “How do you evaluate your board? Try this 4-part test: Do they give? Do they get? Do they attend the meetings? Do they provide other service?”

Jan-05-2015: “General goals and expectations yield general results. If you want specific results, give your volunteers specific goals and expectations.”

Jan-06-2015: “EVERY board member needs to help with the fundraising mission. If they’re not ready to be an Asker, they can be Ambassadors and Advocates.”

Jan-07-2015: “For stability, create a pathway to presidency and advance officers through key roles one step at a time. Don’t install a new board annually.”

Jan-08-2015: “To find, engage, and keep long-term donors, use the Fundraising I-Cycle: IDENTIFY, INFORM, and INVOLVE them until they INVEST, then ITERATE.”

Jan-11-2015: “Are your donors on your mind right now? You may be on theirs. We consider contact part of our job, but they consider it part of their life!”

Jan-13-2015: “The ED and Board Chair must be in lock-step with each other. Set up a standing weekly 15- to 30-minute phone call. You’ll love the results!”

Jan-13-2015: “Did you know that there are just as many Millennials as there are Baby Boomers? How will Millennials force you to change your donor strategy?”

Jan-15-2015: “Three million Baby Boomers will turn 65 every year from now until 2029. Are you ready to help them make a planned gift to your organization?”

Jan-20-2015: “If your new annual donors give you just $25/month, that’s $300/year. Do know what taking them to $30/month is? It’s a 20% bump, that’s what!”

Jan-27-2015: “When building a new board or recruiting members, develop a profile of your ideal donors. Board members should resemble the donors, not you.”

Jan-29-2015: “The best board members aren’t those who know the most people, they are those who are willing to do what it takes to engage the most people.”

Jan-30-2015: “Board members willing & able? Support them. Willing & unable? Train them. Unwilling & able? Motivate them. Unwilling & unable? Replace them!”

Feb-01-2015: “New board members need time to become productive Askers (fundraisers). Help them be Ambassadors (learners) and Advocates (connectors) first.”

Feb-03-2015: “For board stability, create a succession plan to Board Chair: Vice-Chair becomes Chair-Elect becomes Chair. Poor boards elect anew annually.”

Feb-03-2015: “New Report: Of Americans who give to AND volunteer for an organization, 58% give first and then volunteer, and 42% volunteer before giving.”

Feb-04-2015: “Plan opportunities for new board members to meet other members in small groups. A lunch just for new members and officers is a great start.”

Feb-09-3015: “What do your volunteers want from you? Why do they stay? This is important. If you’re not meeting their needs, they won’t help meet yours.”

Feb-10-2015: “Aside from fundraising, your board has 3 duties: Own the strategic plan, Pass a budget, & hire/fire the CEO. Beyond that, they’re meddling.”

Feb-11-2005: “Know the fundraising “I-Cycle”: You must IDENTIFY prospects, get their INTEREST, then INFORM them and INVOLVE them, before they will INVEST.”

Feb-13-2015: “Your best board members can lead you to great board prospects, just as your best donors can lead you to great new donors. #birdsofafeather ”

Feb-17-2015: “Old wisdom: ‘If you want advice, ask for money. But if you want money, ask for advice.’ Remember this as you plan for your capital campaign.”

Feb-18-2015: “Marketers use AIDA – Attention, Interest, Desire & Action – to motivate buyers. Smart fund-raisers use the same sequence to motivate donors.”

Feb-24-2015: “Getting a “no” does not mean that what you’re asking for has no merit. “No” simply means that it has no value to this prospect at this time.”

Feb-24-2015: “Recent report: affluent women are 2x as likely as men to say that giving is the most satisfying aspect of wealth. Are you engaging them?”

Mar-02-2015: “You wouldn’t accept a marriage proposal before a few dates, would you? Neither would donors. Smart fundraisers plan pre-ask donor dialogues.”

Mar-03-2015: “Make it easy for board members to help new donor prospects learn about your organization. Hold a 1-hour “get-to-know-us” event every month.”