Facebook Board Emojis

Facebook Emojis for Nonprofit Board Members

At the start of a breakout session presentation I gave last month for Leadership Tallahassee’s recent Building Better Boards summit, I showed Facebook’s new emojis. Instead of their intended meanings, however, I had labeled each with a caption describing the range of emotions that nonprofit executive directors have for their board members. Each emoji evoked […]

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Of Pioneers and Settlers: The two stages of nonprofit board growth and development

In the last six months, two current clients and one prospective client have talked with me about the growing pains they are experiencing within their organizations. All three nonprofits have been around for a while. Interestingly, one has had a full-time Executive Director for many years, the second has recently made one of its founding […]

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Favorite tweets – Mar 2015 through Jan 2016

Mar-09-2015: “Don’t fall into the trap of becoming an events-driven fundraiser. On a cost-per-dollar-raised basis, events are at the bottom of the barrel!” Mar-10-2015: “You don’t create uncommon impact by getting donors to support your cause. You create it by aligning what you do to help them support theirs!” Mar-12-2015: “Fundraising staff are no substitute […]

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